Jacqueline Dillais, sister of Marcel Louis Dillais

Portrait de Jacqueline Dillais
Portrait of Jacqueline Dillais

Jacqueline Dillais was born in 1892. Daughter of Louis Victor Dillais and sister of Marcel Louis Dillais.

Her father, an officer in garrison at Versailles, rented the first floor of the Lambinet Hotel. The absence of her mother, had passed away very early in her life, affected her deeply. As of 1903, the Dillais family lived in Rue du Ranelagh, in a house she inherited following the death of Colonel Dillais in 1920. She settled there with her husband, André François-Poncet, whom she had married a few months earlier and whose career as a diplomat she would support, in Berlin (1931-1938), Rome (1938-1940) and Bonn (1949-1955).

A woman of letters, a talented poetess, she wrote in her youth under the pseudonym of Jacques Dill, and after 1955 she began to write a lot, particularly plays to be acted by children on birthdays. She died in 1982, aged 90 years. Knight of the Legion of Honor (1957)

Jacqueline Dillais lors de son mariage avec André François-Poncet
Jacqueline Dillais and André François-Poncet